Let’s begin…

Ok here goes, my first blog. Now I’m fairly, well very, sure this isn’t much of a big deal for the world of blogging but it’s something I have thought about doing for a while. Why am I writing this? Partly because I can, partly because I want to write a fibre based blog that doesn’t portray a perfect Cath Kidston – type image of domestic bliss. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I am always left feeling a little inadequate after reading one because I don’t bake everyday, when I do it generally tastes much better than it looks, nor do I churn out knitting projects that photograph well…so if that’s what you are looking for read no further. I knit, spin, crochet and bake (occasionally), am a little overweight, I love British wool and I live with M.E. I would love it if you join me on this new part of my journey. Now please enjoy this (not very good) pic of some yarny goodness!


Oh, and a cute cat, until next time…..

7 thoughts on “Let’s begin…

  1. MrG

    Well well… Knitter, spinner, baker….. Beautiful and now “blogger” go for it lovely and I think I recognise that cat and granny blanket x

  2. loopymonkeycrochet

    Welcome to blog world, I have only been doing my crochet blog for a little while too so dont have words of wisdom, other than have fun.
    I am similar to you, I dont often bake either and hate housework with a passion, Im a slattern lol, I just abandoned the whole lot today and went and sat on my daughters trampoline and had a few hours crochet in the sun, lovely and rare.

    Love the colours in your Granny Blanket.


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