Who o why?

BAH! I broke a needle, not just any old needle but one of my lovely knitpro interchangeable needles whilst fair isle-ing. For those of those of you not familiar with knitpro needles, they are rather lovely circular needles with wooden tips in stripey colours; I mainly use these needles so have quite a few in a neat kind of case to keep them tidy. It is not the first time I have broken a needle and I am sure it won’t be the last. I’m not really sure how I managed it, I didn’t sit on it, I didn’t try to bend it, nor did I try and scratch my back with it…I was merely knitting with it. Of course, despite having lots of needles, lots of all kinds of needles (like yarn, I am a little obsessed with knitting ‘accessories’) I didn’t have another of that particular size. I think this is one of the laws of knitting because I usually find that I don’t have the right needle. I try to make sure this doesn’t happen by having two entire sets of circular needles but somehow I never have quite the right size or the right length. So the law must say: it is the way of knitting that you will never have the right needle for the job, you will always have to buy just one more…
So this brings me to my next point. I have recently fallen back in love with crochet. I learned to crochet aged tiny and could never quite get the knack of knitting until about 4 years ago since when I haven’t really crocheted a stitch until about 4 weeks ago for reasons that I will save for a future post. I obviously needed to buy some crochet hooks and was astounded to discover that they are cheap as chips! I bought 6 hooks for less than the price of a Sunday paper including postage. However, one set of needles costs about 3 times this amount….how does this work?!? Nevertheless Mr Knittingkitten thinks that crochet is the way forward….
Anyway enough for today, enjoy a nice pic and see you soon

Ps they are ‘little tiny hearts’, another Attic24 pattern

2 thoughts on “Who o why?

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    I here by can confirm that the knit pro needle died in action whilst bravely knitting at full speed, it died an honourable death and will recieve a knitters funeral with honours!!!!!
    Crochet is the way forward, it’s faster, my wifey loves it, the wool is brighter( another word for cheaper), the pins(sorry hooks) are not made of sone kind of exotic wood, so saving the environment ( cheaper), plus I love the way it makes my wife smile as she sits creating wonder things, happy wifey happy manny…… Roll on woolfest knitting kitten x

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