Almost whoop whoop!

Almost whoop whoop as I’ve finished a project but I’m waiting for the inner cushion to fill my lovely cover to arrive…then it will be a full WHOOP WHOOP!

Isn’t it lovely? I love the bright colours and it will go really well with the granny stripe blanket. It is from Attic24 (I will learn how to link websites eventually) and was a nice quick project in stylecraft DK which is a really cheap but soft acrylic yarn.
Now for those of you who know me I am usually anti acrylic and prefer to promote real undyed wool, especially British breeds as I believe we have some fantastic local wools that are often sidelined for fibres such as merino. However I recently had a bit of physical crash (I have M.E) and was feeling low; I came across Attic24 and was really attracted by how she uses bright colours. I decided to cheer myself up by working with a ‘rainbow’ of yarns and ordered a ‘Lucy Pack’ from delamores (again link needed….) which is a cheap as chips variety pack of stylecraft DK in multi colours, just what I needed.

Here is the back, it looks deflated as it is waiting for its inside cushion to fill it out

So, my colourful projects make me smile, I hope you find some colour in your life today and share a smile with me. Go well x

2 thoughts on “Almost whoop whoop!

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Lovely… Rasta hat my angel ….. I joke… U working hard and keeping busy and smiling all the time,our second brightly coloured cushion xxxxxx keep busy over next couple of days….. And I await the lovely results xxxx


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