World knitting in public day

Yesterday was ‘world knitting in public day’ where thousands of knitty folks across the globe take their knitting to the streets (or cafes, or parks, or on the bus or anywhere really). I don’t know how this started but I do know it has been going for several years with local yarn stores and knitting groups organising mass (I use this word to denote 2 or more people!) public displays of knitting to promote knitting as a craft.
However in the more remote parts of the knitting universe some of us have to simply go it alone and in this spirit I took my current WIP to Duncansby Head.

It is the most north-easterly part of the Scottish mainland and is just past John o’Groats where the headland juts into the North Sea and it is most famous for the Duncansby Stacks, a group of dramatic rock pinnacles. It is also an ideal spot for whale watching, something Mr Knittingkitten is a little obsessed with. Since moving to Caithness he has seen various fishy types including minke whales, dolphins, porpoise and basking sharks but not the elusive orca or killer whale. It is the time of year to spot these and there has been quite a lot of activity around the Caithness coast this year, with fantastic photos being posted on twitter almost daily but we always seems to just miss them by about 10 minutes…
We spent about 2 hours knitting looking out to sea, I saw what looked like a couple of porpoise briefly (ahem, it could have been a wave) but nothing else despite ideal conditions. There was a very big ship and we think they were probably all hiding behind that just to annoy us. I enjoyed my knitting….

And the views were stunning!
Anyway that’s all for now, go well x
PS I broke ANOTHER needle
PPS I keep forgetting to tell you about the curlews, next time hopefully 🙂

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