And breathe….

That we can all lead busy lives these days is widely recognised and ways of reducing stress are discussed in the same breath as the values that add to our pressures. One of the reasons behind our move to Caithness was to try and distance ourselves, just a little, from the ‘gotta get there quicker, gotta have it sooner, gotta…gotta…gotta’ (apologies for the Americanism but it seemed to fit nicely there) lifestyle.
Although I wrote the following to help manage my chronic illness I think it is a useful tool for anyone wanting to simplify their life, or even just as an exercise into deeper self awareness. What am I talking about? Well, it is my ‘Not To Do List’. It is the opposite of a ‘To Do List’ (fairly obviously!). I am very good at forgetting what is good for me so I have found it reminds me to look after myself.
Mine includes:
Not to…
1. volunteer for things I don’t enjoy – I am great at this, I don’t know where it stems from, maybe from a misguided sense of duty. It’s no good for anyone because if I am doing something I don’t enjoy I have a tendency to become a little resentful which leads to much huffing and puffing that, I’m sure, is unpleasant to be around. Much better that I stick to things I like doing and leave the other stuff for people who enjoy that.
2. wear uncomfortable clothes – you know the ones I mean, tights that live up to their name, shirts that are too fitted so your arms can’t move freely, trousers that sit half way around your bum, not a good look, especially for a middle aged woman with a copious spare tyre.
3. Spend time with draining people – the ones who pretend to be concerned about you but really just want someone to dump their rubbish onto, without your permission. Life is definitely too short for this one, spend time with those who nurture the true you.
4. Do more than one activity at a time – I know, I know, women are supposed to be able to multi-task. But why do it? Surely one thing at a time means that we can properly focus on the job in hand, therefore doing it well and saving time.
5. Clean for more than half an hour – easy one this one, again life is just too damn short! I prefer to be a yarn bunny with dust bunnies…

So onto current projects, my Rams and Yowes throw is coming along nicely, I’ve nearly finished the body and I’m looking forward to steeking. Yes, you did read that correctly, I am a happy steeker and I will share that part of the journey with you soon; once that is done I will have just the border to knit.


I have also been doing a little carding, I think that I have ‘bonded’ with my new wheel and can say we are finally good friends and this has inspired me to think about more spinning. A very nice woman called Jean of gifted me some samples of fleece a while ago and they have been sitting patiently in my craft room awaiting attention. I carded some today, I love how fleece can be transformed into little wooly clouds. This is some white faced woodland before


And after….


Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a huge pile of carded batts just to curl up on…?
Until next time, go well.


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