Betcha by golly wow!

It’s mid-Summer in Caithness and the sun in shining (unlike much of the country I believe) and we are living in almost permanent daylight. I understand, from a wise friend, that for about 6 weeks the sun doesn’t really set and at night the darkest it becomes is twilight. Funnily enough I find this most strange; I moved here prepared for long dark winters and it never occurred to me I would find the summer the most difficult thing to become adapted to. I think this has something to do with being a knitter! I look forward to snuggling down in a cosy house with a looong evening of knitting ahead of me. I also enjoy the drama of winter, the howling gales and the threat of being snowed in. However all things considered, light nights are not the worst of hardships and I’m sure that the nights will soon be drawing in….


Here are our monkey dogs, Fin and Bess, are enjoying the warm(er) summer sea. We live near a broch which is a circular Iron Age stone structure unique to Scotland with most being located in Caithness and Orkney and there is a harbour and lots of little bays and cliffs that the dogs have much fun jumping from after their ball.

On the yarny front I bought a little acid dye kit and have started to experiment with dying some yarn. I was rather pleased with my first attempt


This is some shetland lace weight as is this below


And I had a go at dying some fleece, this is some black faced woodland


I also tried with some Manx loaghton which is a brown fleece and it ended up looking like, ahem, snot so I haven’t taken any pics of that!!

I have also start another project


Can you guess what it is yet? It’s crocheted in some rather lovely North Ronaldsay yarn which is a little prickly so had taken up residence in my stash for a while until I came across this project which seems perfect. I will keep you updated….

2 thoughts on “Betcha by golly wow!

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Mrs G that wool looks absolutely fab, think we have a plan and maybe could work. Funny pic of monkey dogs Bess looks bigger than her big bro Fin and no mention of Mr Knittingkitten diving in along side them!!!!! Light nights not last long flower, longest day last week sometime so back to snugly nights in front of your knitting xxxxxx


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