Woolfest…wow wow wow

Phew! We arrived back home from Woolfest in Cumbria last night, tired but very very happy. I had quite an adventure and ‘collected’ lots of lovely wool related stuff on the way.
I’m not really sure what I expected but it certainly fulfilled my dreams of sheep, wool, very talented folks and all things yarny. I have lots of photos for you, the first is the colourful yarn bombing at the entrance


There were what seemed like hundreds of stalls ranging from rare breed wool producers (I broke my vow of no more fibre and bought some beautiful Manx loaghton blended with north Ronaldsay tops and also a rather large batt of Gotland blended with angora)



to stalls selling stunning hand dyed yarn


There were lots of people there and so much to see, I could’ve spent a week looking at everything and still not seen all of it.
One of the highlights for me was the Spin In on Friday evening where spinners, knitters and weavers all sat together and did their thing! I took my wheel along, rather nervously as I was on my own, and ended up chatting to a lovely woman, also spinning. We discovered that, despite being from completely opposite ends of the country we shared a friend in common. The world of wool is smaller than we realise…
It was amazing to be sharing a space with so many other like minded people.



I bought far too much and Mr Knittingkitten had trouble fitting it all into the car as we were camping and needed (non essential) things like tents and stuff. It was just so tempting and living where we do means that there aren’t that many opportunities to shop, except online where you don’t get to touch or stroke! I am very inspired and can’t wait to get started on my new additions to my stash so off I go, until next time, go well.


PS How cute is he? He is an angora bunny and I just wanted to take him home for cuddles…

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