A period of reflection

The Yowes and Rams throw is finished (ought to be the other way round but I always think women should come first). The border seemed to take forever, well, maybe not quite forever but at least 940 miles worth, to Woolfest and back, plus some more since we got home. I completed the I-cord bind off with this much yarn left!!

Phew! That’s a little too close for comfort for me; don’t you find yourself knitting faster when you think you are about to run out of wool, as if the quicker you go the less chance of running out you have…?
I’m very pleased with it

I love the natural colours and am a little proud of my first big knitted item made with my own handspun wool, mainly from local sheep. Go sheep!
I had a bit a debate with myself (and Mr Knittingkitten who is very useful when it comes to knitting dilemmas) about whether to line it or not and decided to go for it.

Sorry about the sideways photo, as you can see embroidery is not my strong point, just as well I’m a knitter, eh?
I always feel a sense of loss and of feeling lost when I finish a project that has been with me a while and I get tempted to start another one immediately! However I’ve learnt the hard way that rushing in to something else too soon is a mistake and a week later I come too and find myself knitting something completely unknittingkitten. Much better to focus on finishing another (of my many) WIPs and have a good think about what next. I am sorely tempted to start another fair isle project though, I do enjoy them.
It’s good to reflect on where we are at, knitting or otherwise. My family is experiencing some loss at present and, like knitting, the urge to ‘do’ something, to avoid the feelings, is strong, but much more helpful to try and stay with the feelings, however painful, as I know that we will emerge from the other side with more depth and colour.
Until next time go well, especially you Mr G Sr, much love.

2 thoughts on “A period of reflection

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Thank you my angel…… Looking good with the backing on and it should hang well, with some special home made dowel I bet x I’m so very proud of you, your love is huge and the support you give to me and mine is never ending and full of so very much love x it was a running joke about how much wool and knitting you had, I’m sure pops is looking down on your stash and smiling. Thank you for making my dad a very happy, proud and much loved father in law xxxx


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