Glorious summertime

Wow it is hot! Not quite as hot as other parts of the UK but certainly warm (as I wipe my forehead). It. Is. Lovely!! It is our fourth Summer in Caithness and every year has been salubrious but this Summer has definitely won the Good Weather Award; although now I’ve said that we will have gales and snow by this time next week…
I have been taking lots of photos because I just can’t resist it


That was Dunnet Bay tonight; it was spinning today and the drive was glorious…I could go on and on so one more pic then I’ll shut up about Caithness and write about much more important things such as wool.


So as I mentioned, it was spinning tonight. We are a busy group at the moment with lots of plans for exciting events. The first is in a couple of day’s time where we are going to have a ‘spinning exhibition’ at the Caithness County Show which is held in Wick this year. We will be having a couple of tables in the local produce tent and will be taking spinning shifts to promote yarny skills and wool. I am greatly looking forward to it although I feel a bit torn as part of me hopes not too many people will want to talk to me as that will interrupt my spinning!!
The second event we will be taking part in is a spinning link-up with another spinning group in the Falklands via satellite where we plan to spin and knit cushions alongside the group many, many miles away. I will let you know how we get on.
Ok, so another excitement is that I have opened an Etsy shop called colouredinCaithness ( selling my British rare breed hand dyed yarns, please take a look, I need as much support as I can get. I promise not to go on about it (too much) here as I dislike blogs purely to promote businesses.
I am allowing myself a couple of photos but if you would like to see more just take a visit over to the shop.


That is some 4ply Shetland. We have some stunning wool produced right here in the UK and it does annoy me that so many British dyers use Australian produced merino, so the underlying ethos to my shop is to promote locally produced yarn from small farms. I have lots of plans but will just have to wait and see if all of you out there want to part with your hard earned pennies for them.
Last pic…


That is white faced woodland 4ply, a lovely yarn that is rather hard to part with!
Anyway, enough for now, go well, until next time.

One thought on “Glorious summertime

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Very good Mrs G x nice pics of a beautiful place x Falklands via satellite my word you spinners get about, lets hope we have enough power to link you up. Can’t wait for the County show, was brill last year and this year be fab to see you all demonstrating your skills. Lets hope your little shop takes off, I see your joy and excitement in everything you make, fills me with joy to see you happy and doing something you love so much xxx special things made in a special place by a special knitting kitten xxx


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