Bah humbug

Well I’ve not really got anything new to show you nor have I anything in particular to tell you as most of my time has been occupied with either dying or organising my Etsy shop colouredinCaithness which while this is exciting for me, I do understand that the for the rest of you it must all be a little dull.
That said, I am VERY pleased with how it’s all going, I like my yarn (one of my conditions…it has to be yarn I would buy) and I have fairly high standards when it comes to wool.


That is all for that today I promise!
On the knitting front I am making very slow progress on multnomah which I am knitting in some hand spun Manx loaghton, a yarn from a primitive breed of sheep each with an impressive set of 6 horns! Their wool bleaches in the sun so the yarn has different shades of brown.


Apologies for the shockingly bad photo. It is a very soft yarn, easy to spin and it smells reassuringly sheepy.
We are still having light nights here but the sun has vanished and the weather is back to what is much more normal for Caithness in Summer…overcast with lots of sea fog swirling about. I have decided, controversially, that I don’t like Summer. I think it must be my knitter genes…I am soo looking forward to chilly Autumn evenings where all you can do is snuggle down with a lovely ball of wool, Ravelry and some knitting pins. Summer is all too,well, summery. It is either too hot and I get very sweaty paws which makes knitting, or indeed any kind of yarn based activity, unpleasant, or it is miserable but still not cold enough to justify having the heating on (I miss my heating…there is something about the dry heat that does me good) and I hate dislike light nights…roll on September I say. Go well.

PS anyone notice I’ve learnt how to insert links?!?

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