Jacob crackers

I have been a very busy bee and have lots to share with you. We have had almost constant fog for the last few days here so yesterday we decided to go down south to take a peak at Dunrobin Castle, near Golspie in Sutherland. Once we got past Berriedale the sun emerged and we could see the blanket of fog over the sea, it was like looking out upon a moonscape…beautiful. I tried taking pics but they didn’t turn out too well, this is the best one


We got to the castle, parked up and decided that actually it was too hot to leave the dogs in the car as there wasn’t any shade and it was actually warm so went off to Golspie beach instead.


Isn’t it beautiful, it was really like being on holiday somewhere exotic. The water is so sparkling and clear and the beach was entirely empty, just us and the dogs. They had a great time running in the out of the sea, digging in the sand and showering us with salty water!

We went off to find somewhere to have our picnic and found ourselves at the ‘Big Burn’, a walk through some woodland to a water fall. It was just right, nice and cool after the hot sand.

Finally we got back to Wick in time for the Gala. Before moving to Caithness, I had never heard of Galas. They are a big part of the summer in Caithness and involve lots of different events throughout the week but culminate with the crowning of the gala queen and a parade of floats through the town centre. An awful lot of work goes into the floats and they usually have very clever, often topical, satirical poems on the sides about local issues.


That one was about the horse meat scandal!

Finally we went off this morning to collect some gorgeous Jacob fleeces. As part of my venture into the world of selling wool I have thought long and hard about the kind of business I would like to run. So much British wool goes to waste, often burnt as selling it to the wool board often isn’t worth it for farmers as the price of fleeces is so low. I think this is appalling as it is a beautiful natural resource and, in the cases of Rare Breed sheep, such a loss to both the UK economy and the consumer. I hope to make a teeny change to this by supplying wool grown in Caithness and spun as locally as possible. Look at these lovely sheep, what’s not to love?!?


And the fleeces, safe and sound in Mr Knittingkitten’s shed awaiting their next move to the mill.


Go well.

2 thoughts on “Jacob crackers

  1. Anne Davis

    That’s it Rachel! Start taking over Mr Knittingkitten’s shed as well! Have you left him a shelf or two??!


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