More humbugs

Ok, to follow on from my recent post ‘bah humbug’ I thought I would write a list…of why I dislike summer (I clearly still have the grumpy fairies visiting)
1. Midges
2. It’s too hot, I have Scottish blood, I am fair skinned, I go red in the teensiest amount of sunshine and then straight back to white with no redeeming brown inbetween.
3. I get heat rash which is very unattractive.
4. I am overweight, I get sweaty under my bra, ugh
5. It is too cold and the heating police will come round if you put on the heating (honestly)
6. Did I mention midges?
7. Everyone is off work, I am at work and can’t get hold of anyone.
8. I get sweaty hands so my wool squeaks when I knit.
9. My dogs get too hot.
10. The lawn needs mowing…every week! Surely once should be enough?!? It is too needy.
11. I try to grow vegetables, I can’t grow vegetables but I try every year and end up reinforcing my disappointment in myself.
12. People expect you to be happy in the summer. It is more acceptable to feel low in winter, you can blame the weather but if the sun is shining you must be happy!
13. Finally, as thirteen seems like a good number to finish on, I crave hot stodgy food but summer is the salad season…who invented salad??

Phew, I feel much better for having got that off my chest. I promise to be positive in my next blog, honestly I do. I am not a Pollyanna however, although I am sure you have worked that out by now.

On the knitting front, I am having great fun with my multnomah, I have made heaps of mistakes. Every time I have knitted feather and fan this happens. I’m not sure why but it might be to do with that fact it is a lace pattern, but not an especially difficult lace pattern so I don’t concentrate and lose count. I don’t mind though, you will learn I am not a knitting perfectionist as I have learnt (learned? I was educated in the 80’s, gramma wasn’t emphasised) that after a couple of wears I forget about all the mistakes and just enjoy the garment.

Ok that’s all for now, here’s a pic of Gizmo enjoying the sunshine, just because I can (at least someone is liking summer!) go well.


3 thoughts on “More humbugs

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    Grumpy bum!!!!!! Rain is on its way just as we are supposed to be camping out west!!!!! Be careful what you ask for mrs lovely x mmmmmmmhhhhh mow the lawn?!?!! Grow veggies?!?!!…. Veggies a big failure this year, but I think we may get a bit of beet root and parsnips my angel xxxx cooling down hopefully so you can relax, chill out, loose the grumpy bar humbugness, knit without squeaking and enjoy nearly a week with hubby G at home, missing you hate sleep overs…. Did I mention midges at our BBQ today!!!!!
    Love you my knitting kitten xxx

  2. Anne Davis

    You do make me giggle Rachel!
    How can you stay grumpy with Mr Knitting Kitten around?!
    I identify with several of your humbugs and I am so pleased(well not pleased exactly) that you make mistakes and leave them too. A stitch here and there when a garment is finished has been a life saver for me on the odd occasion.
    The worst one is that I sewed the back of a cardi on upside down and did not have the energy to undo it! Oooops!!
    You will feel mucho better when you are with hubby and cats and dogs etc, etc!
    Have a fabulous break lovely girl.


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