John o’Groats Harbour Day

It was the Harbour Day at John o’Groats today which was a really good day out and the weather was relatively good as well – sunshine with a few heavy showers just to spice things up a bit.
We arrived mid-afternoon when everything was in full swing; there was the Thurso Pipe Band

They were excellent, I’m sure I heard over the tannoy that each set (?) of bagpipes costs £7000, surely not?!? I must remember to google it to find out.
The best bit though was the display put on by HM Coastguard and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute who staged a sea rescue just feet from the seashore

that was all very dramatic. Mr Knittingkitten thoroughly enjoyed it, something about noisy helicopters and man stuff I think.
We had an exclusive show once we got home too as they were flying back and forth over our garden which was even better.
On the knitting front Alcottt is coming along nicely

I am loving the colours and I am equally charmed by the back as well

Finally, I bought a copy of hatopia, an excellent ebook containing 10 patterns for hats by the very talented woollywormhead being sold to raise funds to support the campaign against the eviction of Mutonia. I am supporting this by making a donation of £2 from every sale from my Etsy shop colouredinCaithness if you quote ‘Hatopia’ at the checkout.
That’s all for today, go well.

3 thoughts on “John o’Groats Harbour Day

  1. itwasjudith

    The Mutonia yard sounds like an incredibly beautiful way of living, I hadn’t heard of M before, thanks for sharing.
    I would like to ask what is Harbour Day, if you don’t mind 🙂


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