One extreme to the other…

I am just home from the spinning group; we meet twice monthly, once on a weekend and the other time on a Thursday evening. Generally the Thursday one tends to be quieter, some of our members travel a long way and I think it must just be too far for them on a week night. This means for me I tend to achieve less spinning and more blethering! I love catching up with what everyone has been up too and I love being around like minded folk, it is just so inspiring and I bring back lots of ideas and plans all involving wool, fleece, dyeing and knitting.
I admit I also enjoy showing off my latest project to people who know just how much work goes into it. The other spinners are incredibly talented women (unfortunately at present we have no men, I’m yet to persuade Mr Knittingkitten) and, at risk of sounding a bit schmaltzy, I am always amazed at their skills. Tonight someone brought their weaving made from hand spun yarn, it was just so clever and the yarn was stunning.
I always come back feeling better than before I went and, just for today, I am able to do it without being wiped out afterwards. My M.E appears to be receding and for someone who just a year ago was unable to drive to spinning, let alone spin and talk and then get home and write, this is wonderful.

Ha ha, I wrote the above on Thursday evening, how things can change in a few days. I had a late night on Thursday after starting yet another knitting project. I dyed some yarn last week and without trying, it came out the same colour way as a skein I had dyed previously. I must be subconsciously drawn to those particular colours! It also snapped when I was winding it off so I decided (not a hard decision I must add…) to use it for a sample knit. I aim to have a stall at some wooly events next year so will need some knitted items to show off the yarn. Consequently I didn’t get to sleep until late and woke up the following morning with that familiar feeling of fatigue creeping in…work was fine however but yesterday was a very tired day and I slept a lot then today has brought yet more symptoms. It is just so frustrating and I don’t seem to learn that this is maybe something I will be living with for a while and is not going to magically vanish. I am very thankful that this is all I live with.
Anyway, back to the knitting

I decided on another multnomah as I’m not great at lace knitting, it’s not my project of choice, and when I’m unwell I’m not able to focus on anything too complicated. This is a great pattern but simple and I thought I could throw in a few beads just for a touch of added glamour! The yarn is my hand dyed blue faced Leicester laced weight in ‘purple hill’ (colouredinCaithness)


So today is going to be filled with more knitting and then off to Wick for a carvery at the Norseman tonight which is a proper treat. So until next time, go well.

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