Shameless self promotion…

I think my beloved Autumn has arrived; today we have rain, wind, wet dogs and leaks in our conservatory. Nevertheless, there are no daddy long legs tormenting me and I am happily blogging in one of my unsuitable hand knitted cardis, so all is well with the world (I’m not sure Mr Knittingkitten would agree, he currently on the roof of said conservatory trying to fix the leak…).
It has been relatively unfruitful on the knitting front, I have, most uncharacteristically, started knitting (deep breath) an acrylic baby blanket.

Silence..a dust ball blows across the floor…

Yes, you read correctly, let me write it again…an acrylic (that is to say, not wool, nope, not been anywhere near a sheep, let alone a British rare breed sheep, at all) baby blanket. The kind that your granny used to knit, the kind that put me off knitting for much of my adult life as I believed (wrongly) that acrylic baby items were all that you could hand knit.
I am not sure what has come over me.
At least it is white and not pale pink or blue. That is the only redeeming feature I can come up with.
Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis and that is all I wish to say on the matter. I will post photos once my camera has come out from it’s state of shock.

On the subject of cameras, for the photos I use here and for my Etsy shop I just use my camera phone, a 5 megapixel job and it is very easy to upload photos etc etc. I realised, after looking at my Etsy shop that they are not as good as I thought, especially compared to some of the gorgeous photos taken by other shop owners.
So I looked to my hubby, who has a proper camera and he took some beautiful pics of my yarn. All good, you think…however, it is a right performance to download them to the laptop, email them to my iPad, upload them and then see if they are suitable (not forgetting we live in a ‘rural’ location so have the Internet speed of a snail). In the grand scheme of things this really isn’t a ‘performance’, but I have been a little spoilt in the ease of my camera phone plus having M.E. kind of makes doing ‘stuff’ harder.
So I decided I need one of those superdooper ‘point and press’ wifi connectable 10 zillion megapixel cameras and found the perfect one on Amazon. Hence the need for some self promotion…I need to sell some yarn to raise funds. So I have dyed some yarn to add to my collection, inspired by the more Autumnal feel around me. Have a look:



They are beautiful even though I say it myself. I only offer yarn for sale that I would buy myself, and I am was very discerning. Those are blue face Leicester lace weight, super soft and drapey. Here is some chunky weight Swaledale yarn, ideal for a toasty winter hat or wrist warmers



And finally, I’ve re-photoed some gorgeous white face woodland yarn which is just scummy, I can’t get the photos to do it justice.


That yarn takes the dye so well, the colours are bright and vibrant. All of these can be found at my Etsy shop, colouredinCaithness, happy shopping! Go well, until next time.

11 thoughts on “Shameless self promotion…

  1. Goose

    What lovely wool! I’m not yet advanced enough at knitting to be using proper wool – I still haven’t got my head round some of the stitches needed to make socks, jumpers, hats etc. However, I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist your Etsy shop forever, so I’ll be revisiting when I’m competent at sockmaking.

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment ๐Ÿ™‚ I started knitting with some very lovely hand spun yarn I bought from a shop on Skye, I (and this is not an attempt to persuade you to buy some of my wool) found it helped to knit with lovely yarn as it inspired me to stick with it plus I find it easier to work with. Keep practising, I made lots and lots of scarves at first! Have you discovered Ravelry yet? There are lots of tips and encouragement on the forums there.

      1. Goose

        I love Ravelry! There are so many good beginner patterns on there, but I hadn’t realised that there were tips on the forum, so I will look at those from now on. I’m slowly building up the number of things I can do (I mastered KFB today), and would really like to have a pair of high-quality socks by Christmas. I’ll definitely go all-out for those, and purchase some proper wool!
        Thanks for your help and encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep working at it.

  2. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    I’m offf the roof, back on the roof, need the right materials to complete the job, as mrs knitting kitten keeps telling me when she starts a new project…… Roof may hold til I return from work tomorrow afternoon with them there materials…. My wifey is doing well and feeling little better, she loves her wool and she is very much boosted with good cheer when she blogs and so many of you read it, I love to see my wifey happy and “wool” and “woolly themed things ” make her very happy happy. Thank you all for reading knitting kittens post and keep buying or reading…… Leaves me more money to buy roofing materials!!!!


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