What wool be wool be…

What is your personal philosophy? Are you religious? Or do you believe in the power of positive thinking (not that one is exclusive of the other)? Do you think that what goes around comes around?
Are you superstitious and believe that your fate is shaped by the number of magpies you spot?
Today is Friday the 13th and many think that they will face bad fortune today, others that they will be pursued by a psychopath wearing an ice hockey mask…
I tend not to be superstitious and don’t follow a specific religion, although I do hold my own set of beliefs that may be viewed as religion or superstition depending on your world view.
One of my tenets is that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that I am going where I am supposed to go. I would like that be towards running my own yarn dyeing business (had you guessed?!?), either alongside my ‘normal’ job or not, health depending, but I have faith in something (I have no idea what that is) that if I don’t end up there it is because I am due somewhere else…better. I believe the universe has much better vision than little old me!
That said I received my first custom order this week and delivered it this evening, with much excitement.

Do you like it, do you, do you?
I was very nervous about whether she would like it or not, it was almost as though I was waiting for judgement upon me and my future! Nevertheless, she did and I was very very pleased. I really hope she enjoys knitting with it.
Cheery bye for now, go well until next time.
PS, I promise some knitting next time

3 thoughts on “What wool be wool be…

  1. Mistine

    I view Friday the 13th as another day. In my experience if you set out believing the day is going to be horrible then your actions will make this come true. I woke up, forgetting it was the 13th, and left early so I could leisurely drive to work and still arrive a few minutes early (very unlike me). Today was better than any other day this week and the reason is because I set out to make it so.

    I believe in mind over matter. I also believe in karma because of human nature. If you’re mean then no one is going to be nice back and someone will get their payback on you. If you’re friendly and sweet then most will return that back to you.

    Just my two cents 🙂


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