Calling all spinners!

You may remember a fairly recent post about the video link-up my spinning group shared with another group in the Falklands (international (well kind of) spin along). It was so successful that we decided to attempt another one but much more wide ranging…i.e. everywhere! We are hoping to host a spinning link-up with groups representing every continent over a whole day; because of the time differences we are unable to get everyone together at the same time but can manage this over a longer period. This will be facilitated via Skype and other Internet type connections…bare in mind we are all technologically useless challenged.
However, there are still some continents that we have been unable to establish connections with so if you live outside of Caithness and would like to get involved the details are below.
The last one was great fun and also hugely interesting. I learnt a lot about how other spinners live in the Falklands, not least that bananas cost about £1 each!! In preparation for this one we had already spoken via telephone with a woman in the Antarctic who will be joining us on the day. She is part of an international research group living there in complete isolation apart from the Internet but knits in her spare time…I think that warm woollen garments are rather useful there.

Here is the info you need if you are interested:

‘We’re a small, informal group of spinners, from rural communities of N.Scotland, who meet at Castletown Heritage Centre, Caithness.
We’re looking for similar groups, N.America/Canada and Asia, to link up on Skype.
No fancy equipment needed, just a web cam, internet access and Skype.
The group will also need an English speaker, in case of any minor technical hitches, and to exchange emails with Ann.
Date Saturday 26th October 2013. Best time (to accommodate all participating countries) TBA.
Any interested spinning groups please email Ann’

Or alternatively contact me via the blog.


2 thoughts on “Calling all spinners!

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      Anyone is welcome! If you could contact Ann, I think I put her contact details in the post, as she is the chief organiser, I look forward to hearing if you can join us 🙂


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