Finished object report!

Is been a while since my last post, largely due to our Internet not working (it has been a looong process of numerous phone calls to a well known phone/broadband/TV company but that’s another story) so I have been very busy using that time to finish my Jacob cardi.

I became a little bit obsessed and finished the sleeves in 2 days…I now have sore wrists! And I got really, really fed up with knitting in the round on dpns.
I don’t mind sewing in ends and try to do them as I go along, it provides a few moments to recap on progress and reflect on how things are going. However, as the sleeves are long, thin tubes, this wasn’t possible so it had to be done once completed and the sleeves turned inside out.

How many ends?!???

I think I could knit another sweater with that lot.
It is now all finished, with every last end sewn in. I am waiting for some buttons to arrive; I thought that some wooden ones might be nice but after looking I couldn’t find ones which were quite right. Then I wondered whether, as it is knit with Jacob wool, some Jacob horn buttons would work, I couldn’t find any of those, specifically, but I did find some sheep horn buttons from a small island in Orkney called Auskerry. As the weather hasn’t been too good for them there has been a bit of a delay in posting but I think they will be lovely and look just right.
I will post further pics of the finished object complete with buttons when they get here.
Anyway, enough for today, go well, until next time.

2 thoughts on “Finished object report!

  1. Anne Davis

    It looks lovely!
    Can’t wait to see the “buttoned up” finished and lovely Rachel wearing cardi photo! xxx


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