There is weaving afoot

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, a friend has lent me her Ashford Knitters Loom and it arrived for a wee holiday yesterday.

I couldn’t wait to get started (impatience is one of my more unfortunate character traits) so set to warping it following the instructions. Ashford, in my experience, are good at providing clear and easy to follow guides so this wasn’t a problem (I’m not on a commission honestly, I believe in giving credit where credit is due) and I soon had a satisfying collection of parallels waiting to be woven. My friend had warned me that warping eats up yarn, she wasn’t wrong! I had two balls of some fairly average yarn I had bought a good while back that had definitely not spoken to me, or if it had I wasn’t listening, and thought I could use one for the warp, the other for the weft. Ha! How wrong was I…it barely made it through the first stage.
By the time Mr Knittingkitten got home from work I had already started weaving. I have to say I was disappointedly not enamoured initially, it was felt rather awkward and clunky, not like the rhythm of knitting or spinning at all and someone who shall remain nameless complained of the clattering that was coming from my direction. I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it, the edges were really scruffy and the overall look did not appeal. I changed yarn, from a dodgy mustard coloured weird dusty old ball of Patons (which I thought would be good to ‘waste’ on a practice run) to some lovely left over sock yarn from Elvincraft, an indie dyer based in Skye. What a difference! Almost instantly I was hooked (wrong term somehow but never mind) and when this was combined with the penny dropping about how to move the heddle (the part of this loom that creates the shed or gap to move the shuttle through as well as pushing the new rows into place) I made my mind to become a proper weaver. Don’t ask me what one of these looks like, I just know I will be one.
I finished my first project today, I love it and feel a bit proud as you do the first time you do something.


One thought on “There is weaving afoot

  1. Anne Davis

    Absolutely lovely!
    As with everything you turn your hand to you are a natural! I look forward to more oohing and aching over you woven goodies! Marvelous! x


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