Jolly hols

We are having a week on the West Coast, in a small village called Kinlochewe. It’s a part of the Highlands I’d not been to before and very very beautiful. Of course, being somewhere different doesn’t mean that I feel any better, it’s just being unwell but with different scenery. In some ways I am finding it bittersweet as we are surrounded by the kind of hills we would have bounded up pre-ME/CFS. I am hopeful that we shall again though.



The dogs are having a wonderful time and we have seen more Red Deer than I think I’ve seen in the rest of my life together…I have some good photos waiting to be uploaded once we are home.
Finally, we attended the village Remembrance Service today. Go well, in peace.

2 thoughts on “Jolly hols

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    It is a beautiful peaceful place, the hills, well they are fabulous and they’ve been here a few years so can wait a few years more for my lovely to yomp up them…. Just being away is good for us flower, even better the Internet is worse than home… Unbelievable but it is……. The rememberance service was special and not the usual soldiers,pipes and parade but so very special to remember all who mean so very much x love you my angel and try to relax and tell your hubby to stomp being grumpy xxxx

  2. Anne Davis

    You bravely climb a hill every day my friend! Anything is possible . Maybe not today but still possible. Rest your little self. xxxx


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