Lovely things

Because it can all get a bit gloomy at this time of year with short days and longs nights, chilly winds and that drizzly kind of rain that gets you really wet I thought I would try and brighten up my your life with a list (you know how I love my lists) of lovely things to snuggle into, wrap yourself up in and enjoy (yes, I know that Christmas is a coming but for some of us the festive spirit is a little lacking for now).

1. Clean sheets.
2. Lying in the bath whilst a cute puppy dog licks bubbles from your hand (no, this isn’t a euphemism).

Said cute puppy dog in this year’s snow (yes! I know, it only lasted for a day though)
3. Alpaca yarn – a bit of a departure from my usual wooliness but I have a yearning for some laceweight alpaca (N.B. Mr Knittingkitten, take note). Not my usual thing at all, not least because it makes my neck itch but I would like to try weaving some.
4. Melted Cadbury’s milk chocolate, in a bowl to be eaten with a teaspoon. Slowly.
5. More food…toasted muffins with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar. What? You haven’t tried this? You must.
6. That feeling you get when you do something nice for someone else without telling anyone.
7. A Winter sunrise (just a gratuitous excuse for another photo really).

8. Revisiting your ‘favs’ list in Ravelry and being stunned for a second time at how clever knitters are.
9. Discovering a new to you author who has written loads of books so no what-to-read dilemmas for ages. By the way I’ve just finished Khaled Hosseini’s ‘And the Mountains Echoed’, very good.
10. Going through old photos. Warning: this can be a little sad-provoking but be sure to remember the laughter as well as the loss.

There you have today’s list – for me really. Life is a bit hard at the moment for no particular reason other than life has many different colours including grey; bring on glitter, gold and fairy dust!

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