(Slightly) better photos

I am ashamed of the poor photos I posted earlier in the week. I have to admit that photography is not my strong point, nor do I wish it to be. It does cause problems though when you are writing a blog and are inspired by others who take gorgeous photos of their projects as well as making marketing goods online difficult. I get rather frustrated with it and try my hardest but, sigh, I’m simply not motivated in that direction.
Another issue for me is that I get so excited when I finish something and just have to put it online immediately that I don’t take the time to wait for good light or to set the scene properly. Hey ho.
On that note, I have taken some very slightly improved pics of the scarf I wove earlier in the week, they still don’t do it justice but at least I feel a little better about showing them off.


I also wove another scarf yesterday, just to experiment with twill and using lots of lovely sock yarn left over from previous projects (socks, no less) and some handspun North Ronaldsay/Manx Loaghton. It is for sale in my Etsy shop colouredinCaithness, again it does look better in real life -honestly!



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