Ooh it’s a wee windy…

There’s a storm a brewing today; we are forecast 80mph winds later today. Mr Knittingkitten and I are taking bets on how long certain parts of our fence will last, whether we will find half of it in the field next door tomorrow.
This is fairly standard winter weather in Caithness and I am pretty much used to it now. When we first moved here, just over three years ago, I spent many nights lying in bed waiting for the roof to blow off, listening to the wind howling and the house creaking. We were warned about the wind before we moved here but I didn’t quite appreciate what living with wind would be like. We had one evening last year when I drove home from work with my windscreen wipers on the fastest setting, not because it was raining but because the wind was blasting the water from the puddles on the road into the car. When I got home it took both of us to shut the gate against the wind.
I’m a bit of a drama queen and part of me enjoys extremes of weather so it suits me. We don’t get nearly as much snow as you would expect for somewhere so Northern but apparently this is because we are on the Gulf Stream (? I might have this wrong, I know it is definitely some kind of stream) which warms us up. I was most put out when the first two winters here England had way more snow than us.
Anyway, windy weather means great knitting time, there nothing better than being snuggly at home when it’s blowing a hoolie outside.
I am definitely getting to grips with winding a warp and I started a nice little project this week which may become a Christmas present, it depends how it looks once it’s off the loom.

The colours are pretty and it’s being woven in a twill pattern again, I am liking twill at the moment.

I’ve also been enjoying some spinning. I carded some more Jacob wool and have nearly finished two bobbins of singles, once plied it will become part of my Jacob Humbug sweater.

I finished knitting the body of the sweater last night but I’m not happy with the last couple of inches. I decided to add some decreases before the ribbing with the idea that it would make the body part a little ‘blousey’ (I’m not sure that’s a real word but I know what I mean), however after having tried it on it just makes my tummy look larger than it is, not flattering in any way, shape or form so I plan to rip it back. But for now this is how it looks.


7 thoughts on “Ooh it’s a wee windy…

  1. mosaicthinking

    I’m liking twill at the moment, too. How are you managing your selvages? I am using a floating selvage on my current project, which is still on the loom and progressing far too slowly. Along the way I broke one of my selvage threads because I drew the weft in too tightly. All part of the learning experience, i guess….

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      I’m using a double floating selvedge which is working well. The yarn for this project is quite a sturdy 4ply merino so I’ve not had any problems with threads breaking. What are you weaving?

      1. mosaicthinking

        I’m working on a scarf and have had a few challenges along the way – all newbie issues. I used a long warp, enough to make two scarves. As soon as I finish the first one I’ll be retying the warp as it’s a bit floppy in the middle. I’m hoping the finished scarf will be OK after the miracle of wet finishing + blocking.

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