It’s still a wee windy…

But in other (more interesting) news, I have been busy weaving and dyeing. For those of you who follow me on twitter you may have already seen many of today’s photos as I seem to have had a bit of a social media outpouring today.
Since the loom came to live here, I have wanted to make some teatowels, indeed, before the loom arrived I bought some 30/2 cotton for this end. Now for those of you who don’t understand weaving yarn weights (including myself) this basically means it is very fine and for a beginner far too ambitious, well for me anyway. I just ended up with a sore arm from winding a ridiculous amount of ends only for it result in a tangled mess and me feeling rather dispirited.
Thankfully that feeling didn’t last and having done some proper research (there is a brilliant weaving group called ‘weaver’s cafe’ on Ravelry) I bought some more cotton (close your ears Mr Knittingkitten) that is 8/2 so much heavier (when I say heavier, compared to laceweight yarn it is still finer). I wound a warp a couple of days ago and then it all had to be put on hold for matters I cannot mention other than to say it has something to do with Christmas but I was finally able to get it onto the loom today, all 302 ends of it. This is the most I have warped, possibly (I’ve just remembered the doubleweave which I never blogged about).

I chose a twill pattern called ‘Wall of Troy’ as someone recommended this for tea towels and managed to get started on this part today as well.

I also dyed some Wensleydale yarn to use as a warp. I love the look of a technique called faux ikat (there is a great post that describes it much better than I ever could) and thought I might try dyeing some yarn for this. I’ve used some Wensleydale as a weft before and it looked lovely.

I’m not sure how much warp it will make and whether the colour spacing will work or whether it will work with my 10dpi reed but we shall see…
Anyway, enough for now, I hope you all survive the storm or whatever the weather brings in your part of the world.

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