It’s a bit Derby Road

Our heating has broken down. During one of the coldest spells we’ve had so far this Winter. Humpf. Hence the title of today’s blog, for my readers who aren’t fluent in Nottingham rhyming slang, ‘Derby Road’ means ‘code’ or in the Queen’s English ‘cold’. Brrrrr.
However, fortunately I have an abundance of warm hand knits, cosy blankets and the odd shawl to keep us from freezing. Living in Caithness, we also know our neighbours (unlike in the big city where we didn’t even speak to our next door ones) and have a local friendly builder in the village so hopefully won’t be spending Christmas Day shivering.
Now today I will be sharing a very clever sewing tutorial put together by one of my friends from the spinning group. It shows you how to make a pretty tote bag, perfect for your WIPs (you can never have too many knitting bags) or shopping, from a pillowcase. Enjoy. I’m off to eat make some mince pies.

click for pattern here

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