Project update (really couldn’t think of anything more catchy)

I was looming along quite nicely with the ‘Wall of Troy’ teatowel and planned on making two from one warp. The universe however had other plans…I will attempt to explain what happened but bear in mind I don’t know any of the names of the parts of my loom in question. This should be interesting. For those of you who aren’t so versed in weaving once a few inches of fabric has been woven you need to wind on some more warp. The woven bit winds around the front and the warp winds off the back. Sounds simple. I have a table loom which means I need to do this fairly frequently (it’s not as big as a floor loom) and I have to undo the clip holding the cog on the back beam to be able to wind the warp forward (all following me so far?). I’ve found that when the warp is tightly wound, it’s quite really hard to undo the clip. Being me I gave it a good tug and the whole warp unravelled. Arghhhhh. It all tangled, and then tangled some more so the only thing for it was to cut off the very short piece of fabric. I have a very small teatowel that I am inordinately proud of.

It makes the perfect kettle holder (we won’t mention the fact I have already set it on fire) (what a klutz).
My weaving mojo has most definitely arrived. I have also made a gorgeous (even though I say it myself) scarf from the lovely hand dyed Wensleydale in my last post. I wove it with some Rowan British Breed Boucle to make this:

The Faux ikat thing didn’t work, I couldn’t get my head around how to wind the warp and maintain the colour sequence but it looks lovely nevertheless. It’s sold already and I hope it’s new owner will love it as much as I do.
Finally, two things. I don’t think I have room for more than one mojo as my knitting one has definitely gone away for the holidays. I feel most uninspired on that front, I’d quite like her to come home soon, I miss her.
Secondly, remember the stupidly fine cotton I had trouble warping before? It has become my nemesis and I decided to give it another go, this time so far, so good. I’m going to try some overshot (more about that next time) in a pattern, sorry draft, called ‘Star of Bethlehem’, I thought it would be appropriate given the time of year. So far I wound 496 ends (clue: that’s a lot) and threaded them, and I hope to weave a little tomorrow.
Anyway enough for now, Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.

4 thoughts on “Project update (really couldn’t think of anything more catchy)

  1. Anne Davis

    Great blog Rachel. Very funny and informative. I hope your knittiness returns soon too but in the meantime enjoy weaving. Merry Chrimblemas! xxx

  2. mosaicthinking

    Beautiful kettle holder. Us floor loom owners have to advance the warp often, too, and I choose to view that as an excellent opportunity to get up and move my body a bit. I don’t have a fancy break release mechanism on my loom that I believe others do, one that saves you getting up. I have learned some tension lessons on my journey from scarf #1 to scarf #2. One is I’ve been beating too hard, the other is that I don’t need the warp tension to be tight to get a good result. I had problems with my weave ‘splitting’ over the breast beam, but once I learned to advance the warp often and be more relaxed about tension that problem went away. Not sure if my experiences will help you, but thought I’d share them just in case.

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      I haven’t been beating hard enough, I think I’m worried I won’t be able to get it even if I do. That’s interesting to hear about floor looms, I’d love one but that will have to wait….

      1. mosaicthinking

        Based on my very limited experience I recommend getting a floor loom as soon as you can, if you have the space. I find mine simpler to warp as there’s more space and more pleasant to weave at because using my feet to lift the shafts is easier on my arms and neck.

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