Happy feet (and muddy paws)

I am pleased to report that I have 2014’s first FO (finished object for non-Ravelry speakers) under my figurative belt (my actual belt is rather tight these days and unlikely to fit anything under it).
They are a pair of super sparkly purple socks

Knitted on teeny tiny toothpicks, A.K.A 2mm needles – this was a mistake, I didn’t read my sizes properly – in a skein of yarn I adopted at Woolfest. It’s rather lovely, with a fabulous name, called ‘Ziggy Stardust’ by Iknit or Dye and looks like blackberries with added glitter.
They are intended for a swap, always the best purpose I think as we both end up happy.
If I was so inclined I might be considering knitting some puppy socks as our two dogs seem to be deliberately paddling in muddy puddles at the moment, before trampling them all over the house. Well, I did decide to move into the middle of a field.

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