Getting there

I’ve been having very happy times with my new rigid heddle loom, compared to my table loom, it’s a walk in the park. When I think how easy it feels to warp in respect to the first time I ever warped a loom (way way back ha ha) which was a borrowed rigid heddle I realise how much I’ve learned.
I cut my second experiment with faux ikat off the loom a couple of days ago and it’s now finished and ready to go into my Etsy shop when I get round to it. I’ve added a few scarves this week as I need to make some room and raise funds for more weaving.


The colours are gorgeous, the warp is sock yarn called Handmaiden Casbah in Autumn Apple which is just the colour of red, yellow and green British apples, the weft is copper bamboo so it’s very soft and drapey. I think it is My.Favourite.Thing. It could become yours…
I’ve not had quite so happy times with my table loom however; I wound on a tencel warp for a shawl. It started well, a twill pattern using a bamboo weft, but there was a lot of draw in, where the selvedges narrow, a common issue with twill, but to such an extent that I had a couple of broken threads. The tension went too and after trying to fix it all with some improvised temples (a weaving device that pulls out the selvedges to counter draw in) and a spare skein of wool tucked behind the loose threads I gave up and cut off the weaving.

You can see the broken thread above, it’s a real shame as the pattern looked beautiful.

I’ve retied it and started again, this time using a tencel weft as well. I still can’t seem to get the tension right though and again, one side has loosened considerably. I’m being really careful not to pull in the selvedges so haven’t had any broken threads (yet), but I think the remaining warp won’t be long enough for anything in particular so I’m using it purely for practice. It still looks pretty!

Finally I’ve managed to get some knitting done, I’m nearly at the end of another pair of socks, for a friend. They are pink for a reason and are also imperfect for a reason (the ribbing is deliberately different on each sock) but that will be between me and the person to whom they will fly.


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