Colour play

Ooh it probably looks just the same to you but from where I’m looking WordPress has changed so bear with me whilst I get to grips with it.
Today has been a GOOD day, I felt better than I have for a long while, so what did I do? Lots and lots; it was lovely.
Today’s weaving looked like this:

Seeing that yesterday it looked like this:

I thinks that’s good going. I watched a YouTube video with Jane Stafford about warping and she recommends not using a heddle hook ( a nifty contraption for pulling the threads through the white things in the top pic) but doing it by hand. So much easier. Who knew?!?
The weaving is 2/8 (or is that 8/2? I never know which) organic cotton and it’s a sample just to practice but will become tea towels eventually. I’m very pleased with my selvedges and it’s rather lovely although it does remind me of those towel things on the big roller you used to find in public toilets.
These arrived today too

One word: yum.

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