A wonderful wet weekend

We had a night over on the West Coast of Scotland this weekend in Torridon. Last November we had a week there but found it rather bittersweet as I wasn’t able to get out and about much so this weekend was a chance to explore some of the places we had wanted to see last time.
I’m maintaining my energy levels and staying comfortable in my body so it’s time to improve my fitness and start to go up a few hills.
Saturday brought lots of rain but I like Sir Rannulph Fiennes’ quote:
‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’
and we were covered from top to toe in waterproof outfits.


I’d like to say I made the most of some of my knitwear but I have to admit I do like fleeces for walking in as they’re lightweight and not too bulky.

The dogs had a great time scampering up and down the hillsides; Bess needed half of the Highlands cutting out of her tummy fur when we arrived home as she discovered that rolling in heather is the Best Thing Ever!

4 thoughts on “A wonderful wet weekend

  1. MrG...... MrKnitting kitten!!!

    When I read this I feel the joy in your heart my flower x I have wee year in my eye, thinking of how lovely you are and how far we have come x I love you and keep knitting, weaving, spinning dyeing etc etc etc x

  2. Anne Davis

    I have a wee tear in my eye too. Fabulous photos and of a lovely, warm and very special lady.
    I agree about clothing as I have learnt to my downfall in the past. No more. Nothing, I say nothing will stop us. xxx


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