The abyss of unfinished projects

I am dwelling in the land of too many wips (knitting projects for the non-ravellers – it stands for works in progress). The problem is that before I finish one, another leaps (leaps I tell you!) onto my knitting pins and before I know it I feel overwhelmed in the no man’s (should that be woman’s?) land of never ending knitting. Currently I am half way through the first sock in the yarn I found at Loop, I haven’t even made it into second sock syndrome territory which is daunting; my handspun Jacob sweater is still awaiting sleeves (and the yarn to knit them with), I am in the middle (she says optimistically) of another stripe study shawl with some lovely yarn gifted by a friend that was part of a swap from a Raveller in Canada who grows her own wool; Mr Knittingkitten’s North Ronaldsay jumper is waiting patiently and I’m thinking of casting on Kate Davies’ Warriston. This is all in the context of a life now filled with work (yup, I’m back to work but more about that later on), a new loom and only the odd half hour of free knitting time each day. Things were different back in the time before spinning and weaving when knitting got the attention it deserves but now I’m lucky if my poor neglected pins get a look in.

Meet my new best friend…David from Louet.

We’ve had a few teething problems, like lots of skipped threads in my first weaving project but thanks to the kind people on The Warped Weavers forum on Ravelry I managed to sort it out. It’s a bit like a new partner, you just have to work out how to ‘manoeuvre’ them (cough cough).
I am winding a warp for a baby wrap that will go out to some testers once finished. Like anything designed for little people, it’s essential to ensure that my weaving is suitable for this kind of project and to make sure any wraps I make will be safe. I’m loving the colours so far.

I’m planning the finished wrap will be about 30″ wide so am winding the warp in three sections, 660 ends in total. Phew!
Finally but not in any way shape or form least, I am back at work and I continue to feel well, full of energy and am living a lovely life.

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