Swapping wool

I will never make a good business person. There, I’ve said it – denial isn’t just a river in Egypt and all that…
I’m quite talented at coming up with hair brained schemes, usually involving fibre of one sort or another; like the time I thought it would be a good idea to send my own wool off to be spun into yarn and then sell it, when I don’t even have my own sheep; or the time I thought I’d ‘acquire’ some angora bunnies and spend my hours gently combing them for the wool; or the other time I thought about running knitting workshops except I don’t have a workshop and we live miles from anywhere…you get the idea.
One of said schemes led to colouredinCaithness my very small dyeing business that has until this weekend been solely online.
The Dornoch Fibrefest led to my first stall and actually selling yarn face to face with real people. Now, bearing in mind, only five weeks ago I could hardly leave the house, due to M.E, this was a significant undertaking, and somewhat ambitious given that at the time of planning I had no idea that I would be healthy and well.
Fortunately, thanks to the lightning process and a wonderful husband who supports me on whatever loony yarn journey I lead him on, it was a great success.

Above is my glamorous assistant, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the proceedings.
We sold some fleece, spindle kits and, of course, lots and lots of lovely wool. I then, of course, bought lots and lots of lovely wool from everyone else at the Fibrefest. Oops.
Hence the title of today’s post; I’m too easily persuaded by all the goodies on sale at all the other stalls. My ‘finds’ include the pattern and yarns for the Ecclefechan mitts by Kate Davies and some gorgeous weaving yarn from the Weaver’s Bazaar.
I don’t think I’ll ever make any pennies from selling yarn as long as I keep buying it, but it makes me very happy.
The organisers of the Fibrefest, all volunteers, were fantastic and went out of their way to look after us all. For their energy and enthusiasm they were truly an inspiration and I’d like to say a huge thank you to them and everyone who took the time to visit my stall and make the weekend wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Swapping wool

  1. Anne davis

    Well done you! I sell jewellery and spend it on wool??? Your weaving will be your “niche” calling. xxxx


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