Multi-tasking mayhem

Now I don’t know about you but there was a time when I didn’t knit, or dye, or spin, or weave…nor did I know the difference between lambswool and llama, or warp and weft. I hardly know that person now!
After the success of my first yarn stall, I have been busy this week doing a little of everything. One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing the stall was meeting other people in the same line of ‘work’ (it’s not really work in any sense of the word but couldn’t think how else to describe it). I met a lovely person called Catherine from Travelling Yarns who sells beautiful yarn and patterns. We had a lot in common as knitters of Kate Davies patterns; she had a fabulous sheep carousel tea cosy (here) and we swooned over The Colours of Shetland. Since the Fibrefest we have exchanged a couple of emails regarding some very exciting plans, I can’t really say more at present but will keep you updated as soon as I can.
I have been busy dyeing, I need to replenish stock and also I acquired a new dye pot that enables me to dye much larger quantities.


And this is how it looks now


It should look gorgeous once it dry and rewound; keep an eye on the Etsy shopfor updates.
Finally the baby wrap is all finished and ready to go travelling

What a joy to be able to do so many different things.;

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