I have a new Facebook page to announce, especially for my weaving and to promote celebrate this I am doing a prize draw.
‘What can I win?’ I hear you cry…well, I did a little weaving over the weekend and it looked a bit like this:

and then it became a little like this:

It’s twill with a cotton warp and wool weft in various shades of purple. I wet finished it and thought I’d try a little fulling (felting really) via the tumble dryer. Now I would never consider putting wool into the dryer for more than a few minutes without checking on it having lost several pairs of rather lovely handknitted socks this way (feeling guilty Mr Knittingkitten??); so an hour later I lept from the sofa all of a panic expecting a 2″ by 2″ square. Fortunately it hadn’t fulled very much at all but is just nice and soft.
It has since turned into this:

And looks like this:

And this

It’s an ebook case, it fits my Ye Olde Kindle and measures roughly 8″ by 5″, is lined and will have some kind of fastening eventually. Now if you would like to give it a home all you need to do is go here and then ‘like’ and ‘share’ my page or for those if you not on Facebook (I know you do exist somewhere) just write a comment on this post and you will all be entered into a draw on 30th April 2014 and the winner will receive (as long as you give me your address once I’ve contacted you!) said ebook case. Good luck!


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