Oops no title

I haven’t written a post for a while, since doing the Lightning Process and recovering from M.E I’ve been far too busy which is a fantastic thing to be able to write.
It’s made me consider our attitudes to things we don’t understand. I’m afraid that, while I want to be otherwise, I fall into the category of folks that, unless I’ve experienced something, I tend not to believe in it. Worse still, I can be judgemental of others who report experiences that differ from mine.
Let me show you how this applied to the Lightning Process. I had heard about this via, as I’ve probably already discussed, a relative and looked into it when I first became unwell. I dismissed it as something that worked for those who didn’t really have M.E. I was absolutely convinced that my illness couldn’t be addressed by anything less than lots of drugs, complete rest and time. Something that could be ‘taught’, as the Lightning Process Training is, especially in only three days, wasn’t ‘big enough’ to take care of something that had devastated my life in the way that M.E. had. What arrogance!
Thankfully I have recovered despite myself and the recovery, up to today, appears to be enduring. I feel better and better day by day, with the symptoms I used to experience daily now becoming a distant memory. What a joy.
So, let me tell you a little about what has been keeping me away from here.
Firstly, I have been busy with weaving. I have, maddeningly for my colleagues I imagine, had lots of annual leave to use up; so was on holiday last week and made this:

The warp colours, like my first one, were all about Spring and they are the ones I associate with this time of year. The weft travels from black to pale grey like the way the days lengthen, very quickly in Caithness now. There were issues with the tension at the selvedges, annoyingly, but on some advice, I hemmed them and the end result was pleasing.

At 4.6m it is a very long piece of cloth, very soft and, via my Etsy shop it already has a home.
I then worked on a wonderful commission from a wonderful friend with some gorgeous hand dyed kid mohair and silk.

I was hoping to be able to show you more but the pics haven’t magically winged their way over from my phone to iPad yet. I’ll post them in the future when they do.
Finally I’ve started another wrap in bright reds, purples and oranges, just because, well, just because. Nothing to do with Spring or Caithness, just lovely colours like this.

I’ll try and post more regularly, but then maybe I won’t!
PS, if anyone has noticed the annoying odd > symbols, it’s because my updated version of WordPress won’t let me ‘click’ right at the end of the text after I insert a photo but leaves these random pointy things all over, any suggestions gratefully received.
PPS don’t forget the random draw for the ebook case, either comment on the previous post or find my page, Weaving Heart, and ‘like’ the post to be entered.;

4 thoughts on “Oops no title

  1. Anne davis

    You bring joy to everyone you touch and your love of life shows in your weaving. Such beautiful colours. Thank you for inspiring me to take the Lightning Process training too. Without your courage in taking the training and being the “guinea piglet” I would not have recovered from Fibromyalgia! Keep weaving your wondrous talent into everything you do. x

  2. woolbothy

    You’re anything but arrogant! Who wouldn’t be sceptical about something that appeared to be a ‘miracle cure’? If I hadn’t seen you recover, with my own eyes, I’d never have believed it. Now I just want to tell everyone. If you’re reading this and you have ME/CFS please, please, please go for LP.

    PS Your weaving’s as beautiful as ever.


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