Overly happy

That is what Mr Knittingkitten accused me of being recently. I have to say I agree and there is nothing more irritating than a very happy person, especially when you aren’t feeling quite as joyous yourself. However, I make no apologies for it and he will have to learn to live with the new improved version of me. As you have probably guessed, life is good. I continue to improve after having done the lightning process training, hence less frequent blogging. Much of it used to be written in the wee small hours when I couldn’t sleep; now, happily ( that word again), I am asleep when I am generally supposed to be. It is also a glorious day here in the far north of Scotland.

This helps greatly and I have some laundry drying in the clear fresh breeze.
The dogs are sunbathing and I can hear the curlews and lapwings, my favourite part of Spring I think.
However, some of you may recall I prefer the Winter months and as the evenings lengthen I can find myself pining for a dark and blustery night tucked up on the sofa with my knitting! It’s because I am essentially lazy when it comes to exercise and there really is no excuse when the weather is good and the evening bright. I reluctantly took the dogs for a walk after work yesterday by the sea (how lucky are we?) and really did enjoy it, but it most certainly does not come naturally to me!


I ran a draw last weekend for the chance for someone to provide an ‘inspiration photo’ from which I would weave a baby wrap that the winner would then have first refusal on. The woman who won sent me this photo

20140502-141501.jpg and I’ve had a very happy (I know…) time choosing some colours, winding the warp, and then today starting to weave.

I’m not 100% about the colour of the weft yet! I may try some different ones and see how they look.
I love working with people to weave them something, without wanting to sound corny, it is a real privilege and very rewarding.
Anyway HAPPY bank holiday weekend, I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

4 thoughts on “Overly happy

  1. Deb Dyson

    Just wanted you to know that although I don’t usually comment, I do read all your blogs and I’m very happy you’re happy !! (That word again!). It’s lovely to see what you’re doing although I do miss you knitting socks in the office on a quiet day! Xx


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