Teetering on the edge

I have an announcement to make…hold on while I build up the courage to tell you…deep breath…ok…here I go…I’m working towards setting up a business. There. I’ve said it (well, technically I’ve written it but who’s going to quibble between friends?). Now, this is a HUGE thing for me. As you may already know I’ve been selling a little yarn and the odd wrap but it’s all been informal and just dabbling but the weaving seems to be popular and it’s reached the stage where I need to be a bit more grown up about the whole thing. And that’s the scary part.
I have no plans to leave my ‘proper’ job but to officially start ‘Weaving Heart’ as my other job.
So I’m writing a business plan and went to see a very helpful woman to talk about what I need to do. Having always worked for organisations like the NHS, being business minded is utterly new to me, I’ll keep you posted…
Meanwhile, in show off corner, the fringe twister was a great success and I’m now the proud owner of this

It’s 100% silk and the touch of it is wonderful. I’ve worn it twice and it feels a million dollars. Over the weekend I unofficially became Caithness’s fastest weaver and made this

The plain weave wraps like this one just seem to fly off the loom now and I’m now back at ‘work’ for a rest. We’re off to Fort William next weekend, coming home via the Highland Wool Festival so lots of goodies in store I hope. Happy days!

11 thoughts on “Teetering on the edge

  1. rmwk100

    Could see this coming a mile off! You are an amazing, powerful, creative genius. What more can I possibly say?? Love from Ruth XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Jane thompson

    Well done kitten , this is great new to us fans of your work , much luck with your planning x


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