Doggy tails

It’s been absolutely glorious here this weekend, warm with no wind to speak of, which is most unusual for Caithness.
We decided to take the dogs out last night for a walk and also so I could photo my latest project for it’s Etsy listing as the light was beautiful.
Five minutes down the road at the local broch (Stone Age settlement) is one of our favourite places to take the dogs as there are views over the sea, good paths and it’s not too long, so off we went. The dogs were in high spirits, and they both scooted off with Mr Knittingkitten while I took some photos.


I soon caught them up and the dogs were busy doing their doggy things like sniffing out lots of exciting things and scampering about when Finlay, our Labrador/Collie cross vanished. Now Bess, our cocker spanial, is renowned for taking off and not coming back until she decides to, but Fin is much better behaved and it’s very strange for him to disappear. After much shouting and visions of him returning absolutely covered in something unspeakable (I thought he must have found a dead bird or suchlike to roll I , I didn’t dare think anything else), he finally came gambolling up, but not with his usual cheeky grin. Instead he was trembling and we quickly noticed he had a wound on his leg and another under his chin. We think we must have fallen into a ditch or something similar and got caught on some barbed wire as the wounds were deep but clean cut.
He was very brave and we rushed him off to the vets where they did a great job of sorting him out. He’s fine, apart from some fairly impressive war wounds that are neatly stitched and he has been milking the poorly puppy look all day.
For whatever reason, it made me think about our dogs’ diet, something about immune systems and healing I think, so I spent some time researching dog food last night (bad night last night, I didn’t get much sleep due to having a mid-afternoon nap and then the adrenaline of Fin’s accident). I have been horrified to find that most of the food widely available is complete rubbish with little nutritional value at all. On the other hand, the dog food that is good for them is horrendously expensive. Consequently I’m having a good think about what would be best, both for them but also, meanly, our bank balance. It just doesn’t seem quite right to spend a fortune on feeding our dogs while lots of people in the world don’t have enough to eat; however we also have a responsibility to make sure our dogs have the kind of food that allows them to maintain good health.
Ok, onto happier things. I finished some baby wraps last week and they have gone off to three corners of the globe.

I love weaving these, I think it’s because they will be used for something meaningful, as opposed to just a scarf or tea towels!
Finally, I want to show off my latest spinning, I found some lovely dyed Falkland tops on Etsy, I wish I’d taken a photo before spinning but this is how it looks now.

I have no idea what to do with it, which is shame as it’s gorgeous and really soft. If you think you could use it, just make me an offer and as long as it’s reasonable it’s yours!

3 thoughts on “Doggy tails

  1. rmwk100

    I do hope Fin will soon be improving, and that there will be no infection. It will be interesting to see what diet you decide on. On a happier note, I have NEVER seen such beautiful fringing!!! XXXXXX

    1. knittingkitten04 Post author

      I’m sure he will be fine. I’ve had my NHS head on today and have been washing his bed and cleaning all in the name of infection control! Thank you for your kind comment about the fringe!

      1. Anne Davis

        Just seen this. Hope Fin recovers quickly. How awful?!
        So much loveliness. You very clever.

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