Postcards from the sea

The spinning group I belong to is held in Castlehill Heritage Centre which is a renovated 17th Century farm building adjacent to the old flagstone quarry by Dunnet Bay in Caithness. It’s a lovely building and has a beautiful garden as well as housing themed exhibitions, workshops in traditional crafts such as dry stone dyking and traditional folklore events.
There is a fundraising exhibition being shown at the moment where people were asked to create a postcard sized ‘picture’ of the sea. So on Thursday our spinning was in the midst of a sea of postcard multi-media representations of all things oceanic. The diversity of techniques and ideas was astounding and it was wonderful to be spinning amidst such beauty. I took some photos on my phone of just a few to show you.




This is perhaps my favourite, carded fleece has been used for the sea foam and I think it is a really imaginative use of materials in an effective way; there is a real sense of the movement of the waves

I love this one too, because of it’s simplicity. It’s entitled ‘Jellyfish’.

I took a photo of this one as I liked the way the artist had used a piece of driftwood for the boat, I then discovered it had been made by Jane, a member of the spinning group!

The postcards came from all over the world, some from as far as Australia and New Zealand.



If you are in this part of the world, the exhibition runs until 30th July and it’s really worth seeing. Then all the artworks will be for sale via silent auction and bids (minimum £5) can be placed either in person or here and funds go straight back into the Heritage Centre.

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