A big welcome to Sarah

A new loom has moved in, meet Sarah the Saori loom.

She has come all the way from Japan and has lots of clever design elements such as a built-in bobbin winder and a front beam attachment where the warp doesn’t need tying on but can be quickly clipped into place. She came with a ready made warp so weaving commenced very quickly after unboxing. The idea behind all of this is to make weaving accessible, so that non-weavers can easily set up a loom and not worry about the warping process.
I used the 5m black wool warp to play with. It is fairly narrow, about 10″ wide in a 12.5 reed (no idea how many ends that works out at as I have better things to expend my energy on) and I used a variety of yarns like some bamboo, cottolin, sock yarn and mohair fibre. I really like the effect of using unspun fibre in weaving, the change in texture adds a dimension that is very tactile and shows off the warp threads well. Now I’ve got used to using it, I’ve learnt that it doesn’t disintegrate during wet finishing nor does it add bulk, strangely.
I cut it off the loom on Sunday evening, looking like this:

20140730-193256-70376774.jpg and whipped up a simple Saori style top yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve made a garment, I just kind of went for it and am very pleased it turned into something vaguely wearable.



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