Closing one door and peeking through another

The response I had from the last post has been wonderfully overwhelming, you are so supportive and encouraging – thank you all very much. It was most unexpected and humbling.
I am looking forward to my last full week at work (wow! That was awfully quick) and have started to say goodbye to some of my clients. I will miss working with people in this way, it has been a real joy to witness lives transform and I am always in awe of the courage that some folks possess.
Having said that, it is the end of a challenging week and a good reminder of why I am leaving. I am tired of being paid to be nice to people I don’t like and enacting policies I don’t agree with, which how an old colleague of mine described it once.
The weaving shed is making progress; after Mr Weaving Heart worked very hard at digging a hole and then filling said hole, albeit with something different, the concrete went down. I was so excited about this, who knew a bit of concrete could be so happy-dance-inspiring (I confess there was more than one of these!).
I think it’s because it made it more real, plus there is the practical side of getting that part finished before the weather changes.

I’ve started to wind a warp for a semi-custom, it feels like quite a while since I wove a straight forward baby wrap and I’m really enjoying it (happily, as I will be doing a whole lot more of this hopefully!!).

I’ve also been spinning quite a lot. I’ve discovered I really enjoy spinning hand carded batts (two great shops to have look at on Etsy are Oliver Twist and Yummy Yarns). I’ve bought some with lots of sparkle and it feels like playing. The fibre is usually mixed with bits of slubby silk waste, hand dyed wool with something like tencel thrown in for good measure and is difficult to spin in a truly smooth way, but this isn’t the point really, it’s about spinning a completely unique yarn and perfect for some Saori weaving.
I’m in the middle of plying a freebie batt from Oliver Twist and am itching to weave it up now but don’t have a free loom.

It would be perfect for the Rigid Heddle but I’ve had a project on there from before the grand children came to stay, a pooled warp which I’m just not feeling and because it’s been on there for so long, the weft threads have distorted and it looks very uninspiring. I’m tempted to cut it off but the dilemma is that the warp is some rather lovely hand dyed sock yarn and it would be such a waste. I’m sure I could do something with it…hmmm?

5 thoughts on “Closing one door and peeking through another

  1. rmwk100

    Terrific progress! When I was spinning, my favourite was making slubbed yarns. These would be great for the carded batts with bits of silk etc in them. Can discuss if you want details XXXXXXX

  2. nancyoh1

    I am just starting out on the weaving and have learning to spin over the last couple of years. You make it sound so awesome and I can’t wait to warp my rigid heddle and weave something nice on it for someone. I am taking you up on the Etsy stores Oliver Twist and Yummy Yarns to see what other fascinating stuff I can purchase to work with.

    Have a fabulous week.



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