So the wind blows (and blows)

The wind is BACK. How I know this: the chickens refuse to come out, the bathroom floor rises up (yes really!!), the roof sounds as though it’s going to blow off any minute (this is slightly alarming at first but you soon get used to it)(good insurances helps with this) and there are very impressive white horses to be seen out on the sea.
Caithness is renowned for its wind, we are a generally flat expanse of land right alongside the North and Atlantic seas so there is little to protect us from the elements and the harbinger of Winter is a rather stiff breeze.
I quite like it, most probably because I’m a bit of a secret drama queen and there’s nothing more dramatic than worrying about whether you and your roof will part company in the night (n.b. This is all a bit tongue-in-cheek, there are many places in the world where people genuinely face life threatening weather conditions on a daily basis and I thank my lucky stars I am not one of them).
Bad weather brings the community together too; it’s the British obsession and when there is something a little more extreme to comment on you don’t feel quite as clichéd. We awoke on Sunday morning a couple of years ago to discover the road had been blocked by our neighbours caravan, swiftly towed out by the local farmer; this gave everyone in the village conversation fodder for months to come.
We have been forecast more to come over the next day or so, if the Internet goes down here as a result, I will miss you and hope you are all safely tucked up somewhere warm and dry. Have a Caithness sunset to be going along with.


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