Wearing my (weaving) heart on my sleeve

It’s funny how you can believe that something doesn’t really matter until it is here. A few weeks back I entered a competition for handwoven baby wraps, the theme of which is ‘Works of Art’. So I set about designing and weaving my entry. Because I’m the kind of person who likes to get things done, I finished a while ago and submitted my entry (as it’s online, just a collage of photos is needed) and relaxed.
Well the competition has arrived, voting will start later today via a closed Facebook group, for 24 hours. The members of the Loom 2 Wrap group will be able to ‘like’ their favourite entry and the one with most likes at the time of closing will win.
Now I do admit to a competitive streak but like to think it’s under control as it’s an aspect of myself I’m not that keen on. It jars with my ethics; I believe in team work and putting aside my own desires for better, more helpful ends.
Phooey !! Who am I kidding! Now the day has arrived, I’d love to do well. I’m happy not to win but the thought of actually being last kills me! But someone has to and why not me?!? Surely by doing that I’m ensuring others don’t have to. I’ve seen some of the hard work, talent and sheer determination that has gone into the other entries that no-one deserves to come last. Id like to emulate the marathon runner who, after months and months of training, let go of first place to stop and give another runner a drink; that is hugely admirable but I’m not sure, when it really comes down to it, that I would do that.
Does that make me a bad person? Wow, this post is becoming philosophical.
Part of my training was about embracing our shadow sides, we all have them, no matter how much we try to deny them. By throwing light on the shadows they cease to exist though, so today is about acknowledging the bits of me that I’m not so proud of: that I would like to win (not just do well but WIN!), that part of me still refuses to believe that it’s not just the taking part that counts and that I’m all too happy for someone else to take the painful last place (although not the entrant who came last in the other two competitions – how brave is she?!?).
By writing all of that I’ve realised the true winning is to share my water. Really realised, not just by giving lip service to it.
Ok, so now I’ve got that out of my head, I have something to share with you. Looms breed! Honestly they do!

We are now a four loom family. I’ve acquired (ahem) an 8 shaft Ashford table loom which isn’t my loom of choice by far but it will do for now. I’d better win the blooming competition to pay for some of all this.

2 thoughts on “Wearing my (weaving) heart on my sleeve

  1. rmwk100

    First, last, or somewhere in between, I hope you will get a result that satisfies your heart. After all, remember how new yiu are to weaving, and how far you have come in such a short time! Your wraps and garments are so beautiful and individual that there is really no need to compare them with anyone else’s – they are works of your creative art, each perfect in itself. With love and encouragement, from Ruth XXXX


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