Shedding fears

The Weaving Heart shed is coming along slowly. I think building sheds must be a little like weaving in that only shed builders fully understand what goes into making one while the rest of us stand around non-plussed at what all the fuss is about and asking ‘why is it taking so long?!?’.
I’m an impatient soul and keep taking cups of tea out (as I write that I’ve realised what may be contributing to the time factor here…) to assess progress and say in my head ‘What do you mean you’re still laying the floor?!?’.
I also think our builder has my equivalent of several looms too; do a bit on one then wander off to another one and have a go on that for a change. I understand this, for me there’s nothing more mind numbing than only having one project on the go and you only need to take a look at my WIPs on Ravelry to see that I enjoy multitasking.
To assuage my impatience I’ve joined Pinterest and started a ‘studio’ board where pinning pretty pictures of other people’s workspaces makes me feel that lovely sense of hope that one day, maybe, I’ll have one like that too.

As you can see, it’s a bit, well, orange. I’m not sure about this, if I’m honest, but as I will be mainly inside I’m telling myself it’s not that important. I don’t like to see myself as someone who insists the whole thing is repainted just because I don’t like the colour! That smacks of princess behaviour, of which I’m probably guilty but I just don’t like other people to actually know about it.
Ok, now I’ve done whinging. This is my view from the window next to where my loom will be.

How wonderful! Some years back I read an article in a knitting magazine that featured Alice Starmore, an amazing designer and yarn dyer, who lives on the Isle of Lewis and there was a photo of her sitting in a chair, with a basket of yarn next to her, looking out on the view from her studio across the sea.
I honestly think this single image is what brought us to Caithness and now to building a shed for our weaving business. I’m not naive enough to think that this will make me happy and solve all of my problems; doing what could be called a ‘geographical’ doesn’t bring joy in itself as where ever I go I take me with me. But, I’ve learnt to reach for what is in my dreams and achieving this gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
I’m having a lot of fun too designing the fabric for the shed curtains, they will need to be thick and cosy as well as embodying my weaving for any visitors to the shed. Since making some curtains for our bedroom, I’ve kind of unconsciously set ‘rules’ for making textiles for use by me in that I’m not ‘allowed’ (watch out! The Weaving Police!) to buy anything to make them with, they have to use up some of my stash. So I spun up some fibre I bought a while ago which will be the weft

IMG_1186.JPG and have wound a warp using some shetland wool and sock yarn that was gifted to me. So I just need to get on with beaming it. Yes, I know I started it a week or so ago and yes, it will be finished very soon but I just don’t think you quite realise that these things need to be done properly and I’m absolutely snowed under with work…

4 thoughts on “Shedding fears

  1. Anne Davis

    Impatient Imp!!
    It’s all wonderful
    The yarn is gorgeous too.
    Can’t wait to see it all finished. How exciting. xxx

    1. weavingheart Post author

      It will have insulated plasterboard on the walls and roof and also extra insulation in the roof space. Plus lovely thick curtains! Hopefully that will keep me fairly toasty, oh and so should the oil filled radiators. Thankfully, weaving is quite active for me so warms me up too.


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