Happy hooking

I’ve been enjoying a little bit of hooking recently. My knitting got cast aside after I realised, several months of knitting in, that the jumper in progress will fit both me and Mr Weaving Heart at the same time! I’m not really sure what happened that I hadn’t realised this before really. So it has been relegated to The Cupboard where it will remain until I forget that it’s HUGE and denial has set back in.
Until then, I thought I would make another crocheted blanket.
This is the previous one;

and I love it, it’s bright, cheerful and being largely made from the ‘A’ word it can withstand lots of washing and tumble drying. I have commenced upon a similar one; the yarn is Stylecraft and is cheap as chips, the pattern is from the lovely Lucy of Attic 24 (Google her, I’m simply too lazy to sort out a link, sorry) and is fabulous mindless evening crafty indulgence.

The weaving studio is nearly nearly finished and we’re just awaiting the reappearance of the electrician to wire up the fuse box for things like light and heat, nothing important then. I will say no more, just know that my silence speaks volumes.


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