Crocheting Christmas

Apparently there’s less than a week to go until Christmas. Who knew?
Not me anyhow. I’m not feeling remotely Chrimbly; not in a bah humbug kind of way but just a ‘meh’ sort of thing. It may have something to do with the fact that our children have flown the nest and won’t be with us; it may have a little to do with a touch of disgust at the whole consumerism of it; but I also think it’s a bit of a down side of not doing ‘work’ work anymore. There’s no Christmas do to avoid (well technically there was, I’d agreed to go along to the one with my old work but I’ve bottled it), no holidays to take (I’m allowing myself one day off) and money is fairly tight (it’s early days with the weaving and this month has not been free of unexpected costs).
So all in all I’m just not feeling it.
In the past there has been the odd holiday season where I’ve felt like I’m missing out on the party, for various reasons; some part of life and others self inflicted, but this year I’m just choosing not to pay too much attention to it.
Christmas has become a bit of a first world problem, the original spirit has become diluted by money and endless adverts. I could decide to do something worthy instead, like help out at a homeless shelter, but options are fairly limited for that kind of thing here in Caithness and, to be honest, I quite fancy a day off.
A day to slob about, eat chocolate for breakfast, walk the dogs and crochet to my heart’s content. Speaking of which, my ripple throw is coming along nicely,

It’s very soothing and doesn’t need much concentration. Cheap and cheerful, just how our Christmas will be I hope.
However you are spending Christmas, dear reader, may it be a peaceful and content one.

5 thoughts on “Crocheting Christmas

  1. rmwk100

    Hi! Thanks for such a sensible blog. It made me feel less “different”, as we don’t do Christmas at all, to other people’s complete incomprehension. I can never see the point of eating and drinking any more than I need, and all the consumerist, materialistic stuff is just a waste of time, money and precious world resources in my book. To be honest, I think people are brainwashed into believing all that stuff can make them happy. Rant over. Separately, it’s always good to hear how you are, and how business is doing. I do hope 2015 will be a really good year for you both. With love from Ruth XXXXX


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