It’s funny isn’t it? You’d think that by the grand old age of 42 I would be less influenced by outside ‘stuff’ and able to hold onto the bigger picture?
Ha! Not a chance…
My most recent offering to the baby wrap Gods (Goddesses?) did not turn out as I’d anticipated and I feel I’ve lost my weaving way a little. I’ve been dragging my handknitted sock clad feet (boy that was a mouthful) down to my weaving shed and indulging in a little self beration.

They’re ok-ish and I’m happy with the weaving – no mistakes or flaws there but it comes back to being my own worst critic. I’m just a bit ‘meh’ about them.
Then someone leaves me a lovely review in the Etsy shop and suddenly everything is all ok again. The sun is shining, the view is beautiful and my little (hum, anyone who knows me irl would be excused from thinking this is a slight minimisation) rainbow wooly feet do a happy dance in front of the warping board.
Now I quite like the wraps, one has a weft change middle marker.

Another has a twinkly addition of some gold thread, very subtle but who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

The final wrap doesn’t (yet) have any additions but is simply 4.2m of silk/merino buttery softness but with a strength that’s quite reassuring

So there we have it. Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow but maybe if I stop the naval gazing just a bit and focus on things outside of me I may become the middle aged (in a good way) grounded person I know is in there somewhere…
Whoever you are today, enjoy it and be gentle with yourself, go on just a little bit.
PS I’ve just realised the last photo is the wrong one and due to my non techie skills and the joy of wordpress I’m not sure how to change it without messing up the format. So here you go, THIS is the merino loveliness.

Repeat after me…’it is ok to make mistakes…It is ok to…’. Heavens Above!

3 thoughts on “Centred

  1. mari

    there is so much loveliness in your weaving. No need to see it differently…mistakes make our world interesting :0) mari


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