Today’s post is coming from the depths of M.E. Slightly ironic as it is around 12 months since I went on the lightning process training. As (hopefully) I have a few more readers than a year ago (according to WordPress I set them on fire last weekend although I suspect that has more to do with the wrap competition than any eloquences in my actual writing) I shall provide some background.

1. I had a ‘successful’ career after having studied for a MA whilst working in the NHS, running a private practice and (albeit haphazardly) looking after a family. I.e. I never really stopped. Weekends were for flinging myself up the biggest mountain I could find.

2. We moved to Scotland where there be giants (of mountains).

3. I got virus after virus; my new work mates thought I was a bit of a skiver.

4. I decided to take a couple of days off sick; my GP took one look and signed me off for the next 8 months.

5. I didn’t move very much at all and learned to be careful what you wish for (lots of knitting time).

6. At the point I was about to be dismissed due to ill health I undertook the lightning process, a kind of neuroprogramming to teach my head to be well again.

7. It worked, however, as my trainer told me the very first time we spoke, I have regained appropriate energy. I can live as I wish as long as I listen to my body and focus on balance (said in a very disparaging tone of voice).

8. I realised the NHS rat race was no longer for me, that I react badly to stress and now work for myself as a weaver.

So there you have it in a nutshell. The last few weeks have been fairly s**t and I have been stressed which equals body shock. It hit me rather hard today and I took myself off to bed with a cup of tea after having, yet again, realised what fantastic friends I have, eliminated the stress, as best you can, and feel better. Thankfully life goes on.

I’m very happy with my crocheting. I’ve just started part 5 of Sophie’s Universe and am enjoying it immensely, not least as I saw the first parts of this pattern in Ravelry a while ago and didn’t think I would ever be able to follow the pattern for it.


8 thoughts on “Recap

  1. rmwk100

    Hi, Rachel, fab blog, as always. Can I be of any help or encouragement? Would you like to chat on the phone? Sending love, tea, sympathy and understanding. Ruth XXXXXXX

  2. Fiona

    Funny how you meet people these days. In fact, I’ve never ‘met’ you, but reading this makes my heart hurt for you as if we were long lost besties. Just know that lots of folk love you and want to smooch you, even or maybe even more so, when you’re in a bit of a dreich place. And also we are obbsessed with seeing the end result of the crochet-a-long….

  3. meemma10

    I have a similar story to yourself regarding the M.E. It’s nice to see that you are managing to do something rewarding and that you enjoy. I hope you continue to get better xx


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