Perfect Valentine

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day as it seems to be more of a commercial enterprise (eg money making rip off) but for various personal reasons we have given it a go this year, albeit on the cheap.

It has been a most wonderful day, firstly I was given breakfast in bed – unheard of. Not only breakfast but home made pancakes, crispy bacon, maple syrup and banana. Utter heaven.

Complete with a dozen snowdrops fresh from the garden and a candle in a huge jar; someone knows I love candles. That beats ‘plastic’ red roses that never open hands down.

Finally, Mr Weaving Heart made bread. Hold. The. Phone. Proper crusty brown yummy bread.

Ok, so before you reach the point where you never darken my blog doorstep again due to the incessant smugness I’ll show you some of my spinning. There is a type of ‘art yarn’ made with teeny nobbles of wool just like beehives and I think it’s the cutest thing ever. I decided to have a go. Lookee here:

It’s not quite a beehive but still kind of scores on the cute scale of cuteness.
That is until I realised it wouldn’t fit through my orifice. I realise for you non-spinners that sounds rather rude but it really isn’t. A spinning wheel has a little hole, called an orifice, that the yarn travels through before winding onto the bobbin. By the time I’d pulled and prodded my little wooly nobble (probably my favourite word) through the orifice it resembled less a beehive, more an ant hill. Hey ho, life isn’t perfect and thank heavens for that.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Valentine

  1. LizzieB

    Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing, treat-filled day. That looks like an amazing loaf of bread, lucky lady having a Mr that can bake!


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