I don’t read nearly as many blogs myself as I used to and I’m not listening to any podcasts right now, but every now and then I like to browse one or two. I was looking up spinning blogs and came across this a woman who spins some amazing yarn and knits it into stunning shawls and it led me to thinking that I’m a bit of a fibre butterfly. 

Recently I believe I’ve covered spinning, crocheting and weaving, not so much knitting but it has been known and all that alongside random rabbiting about chronic health conditions etc etc. So a bit all over the place really and I kind of yearn to be a really focussed person but it’s simply not going to happen and I’ll just be me (spoken through gritted teeth…).

OK, now to cover another subject: yarn dyeing. I’ve recently dug out my old dyes and equipment as I need to stock the studio and to be honest, dyeing my own yarn works out much more productive than stocking someone else’s. As you can see above, things have been busy here, even Mr Weaving Heart has dipped his hand into the dye pot, his is the skein on the right.

I’m a little obsessed with sock and laceweight but it never occurs to me to actually work with my own hand dyed. I think it’s a bit like cooking, in that everyone else’s tastes so much better!

Here’s the latest Sophie progress, yep even more bonkers…(see, whoosh to crocheting)

5 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. oblibby

    I love your dyed yarn; your hubby’s is amazing too.

    I’m just getting back to blogging and blog hopping after a long hiatus, so hope to get caught up on your older posts too.

    Sophie is looking fab!


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